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Castro Street

The following pictures are of 3 staircases in two different units in the same house. I installed the handrail, which is oak and very difficult to make smooth and match the angles of the stairs. These two pictures are the first floor…

Castro Street (14)    Castro Street (5)

These next pictures are the second floor…

Castro Street (13)    Castro Street (12)

Castro Street (11)    Castro Street (4)

And these are the third floor.

Castro Street (10)    Castro Street (9)    Castro Street (7)    Castro Street (8)    Castro Street (6)

I also installed and trimmed many of the doors at this house , and installed the door hardware.

This is a set of pocket doors that I helped install and trim. I also installed the handles (which may look low, but the doors are very tall)
Castro Street (3)    Castro Street (2)
 This is one of the two identical entry doors which I had to adjust to rehang in their new locations and install the new hardware.
Castro Street (1)
This is the kitchen on the first floor. I installed the range hood and some of the door and window trim you can see in the picture.
Castro Street (15)

Mike Ash

Syd did a great job helping us finish the inside and outside trim around our wine cellar. Very professional work. PS, I saw firsthand the work he did on the playhouse shown in the photos – VERY nice work and happy owners.

Playhouse for Nancy W

We hired Syd to build a playhouse for our daughter using my husband’s design. We wanted someone with enough experience to know what they were doing, but flexible enough to use someone else’s design. We found both in Syd. He’s ethical, takes his work seriously, very skilled, offers suggestion where appropriate, prompt and hard working. He worked both during the week and on weekends for us, and were very pleased with the outcome.

Yossi Z

My wife and I hired Syd to help us get moved in to our new house. He finished some trim work, installed hardware and assembled some things for us like new handrails, safety gates and old hardware customization. It is obvious when you speak to him that he is skilled in a wide range of trades and he was very easy to get along with and work with.

Ittai in San Francisco

I hired Syd to help finish a home remodel for my family to move into in San Francisco. He proved very valuable by helping tie up all of the loose ends, and he is committed to doing the best possible job. Although he was hired as a finish carpenter, he was perfectly willing to do whatever needed to be done.


This is a playhouse that I built for a customer in Pleasant Hill for their 6 year old. It is 8’Dx12’Wx11’H with a loft inside.
Playhosue(15) Playhouse (14)
The loft is 6 feet high and about 4’x7′ area. There will be a ladder built on the wall to access the loft.
 Playhouse (13) 
 Here is the progress of the structure being built, going backwards from completed to start. It has 3 windows and the door. The shingles are high heat reflection to reduce heat in the structure. The siding is T1-11
 Playhouse (12) Playhouse (10) Playhouse (11) Playhouse (9)
The walls are insulated from the outside with 2″ foamboard, the roof from the inside with 4″ of high-R foam. There is an airspace behind the siding and under the roof to allow the air to get heated and escape rather than let the heat penetrate the building.
Playhouse (8) Playhouse (7)
The walls are sheathed with basic 7/16″ OSB, but the roof has radiant barrier OSB to help protect from the sun.
Playhouse (6) Playhouse (5)
The whole building was framed using 2×4 lumber
Playhouse (4) Playhouse (3)
The floor joists are filled with foamboard and covered with plastic to help regulate the temperature inside.
 Playhouse (2) 
The floor system is 2×4 joists on top of a frame of pressure treated 4×4’s which sit on the concrete footings.

Terry Smith in Stowe, VT

Over the past two years Syd has succesfully completed a number of building projects at my house in Stowe, Vermont. These projects included the following: Front porch, rear deck, house leveling, kitchen sink and disposal replacement, tiling around fireplace, and miscellaneous repairs. Syd is a careful and dependable craftsman. He shows up on time and works diligently, keeping his workspace clean and organized. He is honest and delivers the job for which he contracts on time, on budget, and with high quality. He takes direction well and is easy to work with. One of his key skills is the ability to complete complex projects while working alone. I recommend Syd Michelson for virtually any construction project.

Dan Stearns in Stowe, VT

Syd is a great guy to work with. First off, he’s a trustworthy, dependable, and honest guy. Secondly, he’s capable of and good at doing so many things connected to building, renovating, and repairing homes. Third is he gets a lot done with his time. Syd worked with his father until moving out to California so he benefits from multiple decades of experience. He does a job properly without waste of time or resources. He learned his trade in Stowe, Vermont where practical and functional beauty is the norm in construction. His father trained him to build things to last, with minimal waste and a beautiful finished product. I’ve greatly appreciated having Syd do work around my home, and am sad that he moved out to California. Syd is a gem and a workhorse. I highly recommend him.


I’ve hired Syd many times for various things around my home. He has proven to be not only capable of doing anything, but actually good at everything I have had him do. He can figure out problems and implement solutions, and he does very nice work. I am very glad I found him.


This is a utility room/ laundry room/ weird closet area/ additional rear entrance (the window shown used to be a door to the deck outside, not 5 feet from another door into the main living space. I replaced the other door with a 9 foot triple door- french doors with a full size side-light that I turned into another opening door- and replaced this door with the window shown.) The customer wanted to turn the area into a bathroom with stackable laundry. With the only parameters being ‘make a bathroom here” I was left to design and build a functioning bathroom in this space with room for laundry and separate the utilities.
Bathroom (32)    Bathroom (31)

Bathroom (30)    Bathroom (8)


I have separated out the pictures of the shower as well as the sink, because it was hard to photograph this small area. These are mostly pictures from the doorway of the entire bathroom, the pictures of specific areas will follow.

Bathroom (29)    Bathroom (7)    Bathroom (28)


The tile scheme was chosen by me as well, and happily agreed upon by the customer.

Bathroom (27)    Bathroom (26)    Bathroom (25)    Bathroom (24)    Bathroom (6)    Bathroom (5)    Bathroom (23)    Bathroom (22)    Bathroom (21)    Bathroom (4)    Bathroom (3)


These are double bi-fold louvered doors, behind which is the tankless water heater and radiant heating system – both of which I installed- and the water softener and filters.

Bathroom (2)    Bathroom (1)    Bathroom (18)    Bathroom (17)    Bathroom (16)    Bathroom (15)    Bathroom (14)    Bathroom (13)    Bathroom (12)    Bathroom (34)    Bathroom (33)    Bathroom (11)    Bathroom (10)