Jim in San Ramon

I am a chronic project starter – are you? There are two types of projects in my home; repair and improvement. The improvement ones are typically “quality of life” projects – and I want those done at a standard typical of an East Coast tradesmen. For several years my wife has put the “handyman” coupons on my desk. My problem is that I have never trusted anyone to do it as good as I can.

After interviewing three people off of Craigslist – I found Syd. Syd cares as much and works as hard on projects as I do. If a project requires collaboration – he is there with suggestions and listens to input. If I leave a list – he works on it – yet leaves items that require more input until I am available. He is a self starter. Here is a partial list of projects Syd has finished at my home (you would think it was falling apart before he got here!) Laundry Room – installed granite countertop (coordinated fabrication as well). Two bedrooms – installed new bi-fold closet doors with crown molding to augment. Workout room – installed motorized shades on existing Velux skylights Yard – built an awesome potting bench, pulled cable for outside movie theater, reworked landscape and speaker wiring, fixed two gates, built stairs from decking to downslope. Exterior chimney – turned it into a functional storage closet (who needs fireplaces?) Kitchen – repaired warped hickory floor, reattached decorative molding along cabinetry kickplates. Inside & out – pulled cable and mounted security cameras Designed, crafted and installed hickory counter-top inside art niches. Installed large black tiles around the one remaining fireplace in the house to augment existing marble mantle.The list of small items he repaired or finished is endless; outlets, outlet covers, door hinges, hose reel, outside faucet, decorative stone façade.

Dependable, on time, attention to detail, open to input – yet honest about your goofy idea, self-starter, works without supervision – but not bothered when you check in; these are all qualities of Syd.

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