This is a utility room/ laundry room/ weird closet area/ additional rear entrance (the window shown used to be a door to the deck outside, not 5 feet from another door into the main living space. I replaced the other door with a 9 foot triple door- french doors with a full size side-light that I turned into another opening door- and replaced this door with the window shown.) The customer wanted to turn the area into a bathroom with stackable laundry. With the only parameters being ‘make a bathroom here” I was left to design and build a functioning bathroom in this space with room for laundry and separate the utilities.
Bathroom (32)    Bathroom (31)

Bathroom (30)    Bathroom (8)


I have separated out the pictures of the shower as well as the sink, because it was hard to photograph this small area. These are mostly pictures from the doorway of the entire bathroom, the pictures of specific areas will follow.

Bathroom (29)    Bathroom (7)    Bathroom (28)


The tile scheme was chosen by me as well, and happily agreed upon by the customer.

Bathroom (27)    Bathroom (26)    Bathroom (25)    Bathroom (24)    Bathroom (6)    Bathroom (5)    Bathroom (23)    Bathroom (22)    Bathroom (21)    Bathroom (4)    Bathroom (3)


These are double bi-fold louvered doors, behind which is the tankless water heater and radiant heating system – both of which I installed- and the water softener and filters.

Bathroom (2)    Bathroom (1)    Bathroom (18)    Bathroom (17)    Bathroom (16)    Bathroom (15)    Bathroom (14)    Bathroom (13)    Bathroom (12)    Bathroom (34)    Bathroom (33)    Bathroom (11)    Bathroom (10)

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