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This is a playhouse that I built for a customer in Pleasant Hill for their 6 year old. It is 8’Dx12’Wx11’H with a loft inside.
Playhosue(15) Playhouse (14)
The loft is 6 feet high and about 4’x7′ area. There will be a ladder built on the wall to access the loft.
 Playhouse (13) 
 Here is the progress of the structure being built, going backwards from completed to start. It has 3 windows and the door. The shingles are high heat reflection to reduce heat in the structure. The siding is T1-11
 Playhouse (12) Playhouse (10) Playhouse (11) Playhouse (9)
The walls are insulated from the outside with 2″ foamboard, the roof from the inside with 4″ of high-R foam. There is an airspace behind the siding and under the roof to allow the air to get heated and escape rather than let the heat penetrate the building.
Playhouse (8) Playhouse (7)
The walls are sheathed with basic 7/16″ OSB, but the roof has radiant barrier OSB to help protect from the sun.
Playhouse (6) Playhouse (5)
The whole building was framed using 2×4 lumber
Playhouse (4) Playhouse (3)
The floor joists are filled with foamboard and covered with plastic to help regulate the temperature inside.
 Playhouse (2) 
The floor system is 2×4 joists on top of a frame of pressure treated 4×4’s which sit on the concrete footings.

Terry Smith in Stowe, VT

Over the past two years Syd has succesfully completed a number of building projects at my house in Stowe, Vermont. These projects included the following: Front porch, rear deck, house leveling, kitchen sink and disposal replacement, tiling around fireplace, and miscellaneous repairs. Syd is a careful and dependable craftsman. He shows up on time and works diligently, keeping his workspace clean and organized. He is honest and delivers the job for which he contracts on time, on budget, and with high quality. He takes direction well and is easy to work with. One of his key skills is the ability to complete complex projects while working alone. I recommend Syd Michelson for virtually any construction project.