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Playhouse for Nancy W

We hired Syd to build a playhouse for our daughter using my husband’s design. We wanted someone with enough experience to know what they were doing, but flexible enough to use someone else’s design. We found both in Syd. He’s ethical, takes his work seriously, very skilled, offers suggestion where appropriate, prompt and hard working. He worked both during the week and on weekends for us, and were very pleased with the outcome.

Yossi Z

My wife and I hired Syd to help us get moved in to our new house. He finished some trim work, installed hardware and assembled some things for us like new handrails, safety gates and old hardware customization. It is obvious when you speak to him that he is skilled in a wide range of trades and he was very easy to get along with and work with.

Ittai in San Francisco

I hired Syd to help finish a home remodel for my family to move into in San Francisco. He proved very valuable by helping tie up all of the loose ends, and he is committed to doing the best possible job. Although he was hired as a finish carpenter, he was perfectly willing to do whatever needed to be done.