Potting Bench

In the garage

In the garage

This is a custom potting bench that I built based on some photos the customer found online. I used the basic design, and altered it to fit the customers particular needs for use as well as space.
It has a hatch door built into it that opens to a bin which catches the soil as the plants are potted. When the hatch is closed, it leaves the work surface smooth to work on.


To the left side there are three rods for hanging plants. When installed in place, there will be a drip system supplying water to the hanging pot area as well as the work surface of the bench.

The bench got two coats of stain to enhance the redwood color, and then several coats of UV protective polyurethane, to protect it from weather and fading over time.

There is storage space underneath the work surface as well as above it. Under the shelves, just above the work surface, there is a rail running across that will have hooks for hanging tools.

More pictures will be added when this is finished, installed and put into use.

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