Castro Street

The following pictures are of 3 staircases in two different units in the same house. I installed the handrail, which is oak and very difficult to make smooth and match the angles of the stairs. These two pictures are the first floor…

Castro Street (14)    Castro Street (5)

These next pictures are the second floor…

Castro Street (13)    Castro Street (12)

Castro Street (11)    Castro Street (4)

And these are the third floor.

Castro Street (10)    Castro Street (9)    Castro Street (7)    Castro Street (8)    Castro Street (6)

I also installed and trimmed many of the doors at this house , and installed the door hardware.

This is a set of pocket doors that I helped install and trim. I also installed the handles (which may look low, but the doors are very tall)
Castro Street (3)    Castro Street (2)
 This is one of the two identical entry doors which I had to adjust to rehang in their new locations and install the new hardware.
Castro Street (1)
This is the kitchen on the first floor. I installed the range hood and some of the door and window trim you can see in the picture.
Castro Street (15)

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