Pacific Heights Condo

This is a condo in Pacific Heights that I was originally hired to rework all of the old doors, repair and reinstall the jambs, hang the doors and install the old refurbished hardware. After that, the owner kept me to do the finish carpentry, and buildĀ custom soffits. In this first picture you can see the ornate medallion and soffit in the dining room. The second picture shows the soffit in the master bedroom, which is a little more intricate, with extra moulding detail and 45 degree corners.
This is one of the windows I trimmed to try to match the original. More pictures of all of this are coming soon.
Pacific Heights Condo (4) Pacific Heights Condo (3) Pacific Heights Condo (2)
This is one of the two archways leading into (and out of) the dining room. The detail is 2 pieces of wood bent around the curve.
Pacific Heights Condo (6)
This is at the bottom of the archway, I wanted to make the section stand out from the rest of the baseboard, so there is extra detail on top of the baseboard to tie it all together.
Pacific Heights Condo (1)
This is one of the 11 doors that I reworked (some needed patching, hardware/ hinges changed from one side to the other, squared, sanded and painted) The plinths are custom, I built them from square-stock maple (the piece at the bottom where the door trim meets the baseboard) The rosettes (at the top corners) are also custom, although I did not make them.
Pacific Heights Condo (5)

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